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Vibro Hammer



This range of hydraulic vibrators, are specifically designed to be mounted directly on the dipper arm of excavator and to be powered by the hydraulic system of excavator.
The Top Rock Vibro-Hammer is an excavator attachment with the latest advances in driving and extracting sheet piles, profiles, steel pile and H-beam in ground foundation.
Made completely of wear-resistant steel, this attachment device is almost maintenance free, less noisy than any other piling tool.

Designed for excellent strength, good durability and performance.
No need additional power pack and power unit.
Hydraulic operated 360 degree rotation functioning of are convenient for easy positioning the sheet pile and easy clamping the sheet pile.
High quality hydraulic motor deliver high efficiency of vibrating power.
High quality and durability of elastomer rubbers are adopted to isolate vibration being transmitted to excavator for eliminating vibration and preventing the machine
High strength alloy steel of clamp for durability and changeable jaws.
Equipped HOOK on end of clamp for easy separating sheet piles.
Pile driving force 20% up compared to another brand products.
Vibro Hammer

Technical specification

Model Unit TRVH250 TRVH350 TRVH450
Eccentric Monent Kg.m/in.lbs 5.4/476 6.9/610 7.52/660
Max.Centrifugal Force kN 650 700 750
Max.Amplitude mm(inch) 8(1/3) 10 13
Max.Frequency vpm 2700 2700 2700
Max.Operating Oil Flow l/min 180~230 200~250 200~250
Max.Operating Oil Pressure Bar/psi 220~250/3,200~3,625 220~250/3,200~3,625 220~250/3,200~3,625
Slewing degree 360 360 360
Dimension(LxWxH) mm 710x1,220x1,915 710x1,250x2,290 830x1,300x2,590
Operating weight kg 1,690 1,950 2,300
Clamping Jaw mm 50 50 50
suitable Excavator Ton 20~30 30~38 38~50

The above mentioned specification are subject to change without prior notice for enhancement.

Vibro Hammer Vibro Hammer